A little about what I do…

My current preoccupation is my new job.  I love it and it’s great, although hard work.  There are never enough ideas for what to teach 8-13 year olds and adults and I wake up from time to time in the middle of the night in sheer fear and panic of the word “boring”.  This is what goes through my head:

Oh no, this lesson’s really boring (bearing in mind I am in bed trying to sleep!  Surely this is a time when it’s permissable to be boring?).  I’ll have to introduce a vocab game to liven it up.

The past few days few nights have had me dreaming about observations and all sorts.  I’ve been assured this is a very normal symptom of being a new teacher; it’s okay to not be able to switch off.

I was told that EFL teachers have a really fun job, and I know this is true.  I also now, however, that this means hard work at the beginning.  I’ve been a part-time teacher for about five months (1.5 hours a day only) and a full-time one for just over four weeks.  This is the first time I have taught kids and exams, so it’s a steep learning curve.  I welcome the challenge and also any advice from others who teach/have taught.  I’ll post my ideas on here, too, as everyday there some variation on a game that pops into my head.


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