Time for something new…

I’ve been blogging a while, but I’m moving her in order to mark a new chapter as a full-time EFL teacher in Cadiz, living with me fella (translation: my boyfriend/partner/significant other).  We’re near the beach, which is handy.  Also quite ironic, since I’ve never been a lover of sand, catching a tan or volleyball.  I prefer crisps to ice cream, coffee to lemonade and swimming in the sea to any other beach activity.  However, I’m happy to find myself here, at last, in a lovely apartment with a man who listens to my endless commentaries about nothing and doesn’t complain about the amount of time I sleep or the fact that I’m untidy.  Although that’s all changing as I develop the inner domestic goddess that I always was, really, but just in its cocoon stage (I can hear my parents laughing while reading this.  I mean it, honest!).


One Response to “Time for something new…”

  1. David Warr Says:

    I think I’ve arrived at the beginning and now know a bit more about you:
    from Liverpool, got a fella, have sleepless night about doing boring lessons, looking forward to Christmas. Never eaten vension. Do your students know all of this? They should. Learn about them too, and they won’t ever complain your lessons are boring, they’ll want to make them fun. Good luck!

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