Getting to know the other Brits

Spoke to my parents yesterday which was lovely.  It’d been nearly two weeks since we’d spoken.  My mum is visiting me on Monday so I’m really looking forward to next week.

I’m still acclimatising to living here in Cadiz until whenever.  I’ve always been one to focus on what I’m doing after this year and where will I go?  I’m learning to let go and forget the future and concentrate on this part of the adventure.

Last night we went out to a Bar owned by and Englishman which was welcome.  I always thought I’d be one to avoid any kind of ex-pat lairs but really, it was fun to have a pub quiz “student” style and meet a few other teachers.  There’s definitely a place for socialising with other Brits and maintaining a sense of belonging.  Although I know Cadiz reasonably well, it does have its moments where it feels distinctly foreign.  Knowing there are other people here just like me is a comfort.  I’m still to meet another Scouser, though! 😉

During the quiz, Mr A proved his worth.  He knew all his history questions and his geography ones.  The films round was miserable.  I didn’t do so bad on food, knowing that venison was indeed deer meat and that fois gras is goose liver paté.  Thanks for educating me, Mum!  Never eaten either of the above, however, and I don’t really intend to!  I was also made up (translation: pleased) to be able to recall all of the Spanish Prime Minister’s name.  Spanish people have two surnames each although they tend to use one, so trying to remember the extra one is crazy for someone who can’t even remember more than the first letter of anything.  If anyone can say the Spanish PM’s name without the aid of Google or wiki or any other form of cheating, they can have a virtual sticker.

I’ll have to stop writing now to get some rest for another day of work tomorrow.  Plus I miss me fella who is sitting on the sofa watching Spanish TV.


3 Responses to “Getting to know the other Brits”

  1. Carole Says:

    The pub sounds fun…I hope I get to visit it at some point in my whistle stop tour?

  2. johnnytownmouse Says:

    I know what you mean about wanting to get to know other Brits. When I lived in Spain for six months I knew it was finite so didn’t really want to hang out with other British people, but now I’ve been in the US for a few years I like meeting other British people. Out in the middle of nowhere it’s very rare though! My best friend here is German, so I guess that’s close enough 🙂

  3. crazykites Says:

    There’s obviously something important about knowing you’re coming home that keeps you from getting sad. I’m really not that far from home, though, and it’s nearly Christmas!

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