We’re boring!

Another evening at work has seen me implement a few new ideas into the classes with reasonable success.  The first time you try something is always a bit chaotic.

I think my teaching issues are not so much my ideas, but the state of internal panic I enter into when I’ve planned a lesson but I still just don’t feel sure of what I’m doing.  The instructions are blurted out shyly or pathetically when I need to be in control.

The above title represents my greatest fear during lessons.  “Teacher!  We’re boring!”  On the positive side, this line does make me chuckle to myself that the insult backfires on them, somehow! 🙂


2 Responses to “We’re boring!”

  1. Cintia Stella Says:

    The “We’re boring” has put a smile on my face!
    Something that helps me a lot is to rehearse the lesson at home. I practise giving the whole lesson, from the warm up to the communicative activity, and I pay special attention to how I give instructions. I’m sure that as I acquire more experience everything will come out more naturally but for the time being, rehearsing works well for me and it gives me a sense of self confidence.

  2. crazykites Says:

    I’ve never really been a person who rehearses. I’ve always done things off the cuff. Overplanning doesn’t match my personality, but I need to do more. 🙂

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