A Couple of Things…

I thought I thought I’d add keep a record of some of the things Im doing as a TEFL.

Pairs games.

I have cards with the infinitive and the past simple and the idea is to lift the cards which are face down, two cards at a time, and make a pair. If the student doesn’t get a pair, they have to put the cards back face down and the next person has ago. This activity can take a while depending on the memories of the group members. Despite the time it takes, I havent found anyone getting bored. I use this to introduce the irregular forms. It’s surprising how many they can connect.

A couple of lessons later for some revision, I play Snap with the same cards. I’ve also created cards for present participles and I think you could do this for synonyms, antonyms and question tags etc, etc.


I came across the idea of Aliens in class when I found a sheet a teacher’s book where one person is an Alien asking “What’s this? What’s it for?” Yesterday, I had a lesson on places abroad and getting used to things, so I had an idea for activating this grammar. I asked them to split into two pairs, one person as a human and the other as an alien and to talk about things they thought strange about each others planet. The group did really well, taking it on themselves and making the stage into more than I had intended. They ended up having an interesting debate about the pizza planet and the strange earth planet.

I had another class today and we’ve been studying films in our unit. They acted out their own “film” the other week which was a detective story, and today I got them to draw a character each for a scary film and decide some information about their character, like his/her name, best friend, enemy and special powers. Then they had to do act out a scary film. It must have looked like Id lost all control to anyone looking in, but I felt I was giving liberty to the students to “play” in English, with a story that makes sense. They’re working together and communicating in English, and so even if it wasn’t the sharpest stage in the world, I felt this was doing what it set out to do, which was to activate their English.

I guess I’m still not feeling like a “real teacher” and sometimes it’s scary in front of the kids who expect me to know what I’m doing, even more so the parents of the kids. However, little by little I’m feeling like I can at least play the part a little better than before. I lack that teachery polish that so many have so things may appear a little slap dash. I’m happy with small improvements week by week so I’m officially refraining from putting myself under immense pressure to be the perfect teacher.

The above was written two days ago but have not had a chance to post it due to connexion problems and lack of time.  😦


2 Responses to “A Couple of Things…”

  1. David Warr Says:

    I like the Aliens activity and film acting in particular. Sounds like the enjoyed it very much and used English. The point about anyone looking in and seeing a madhouse reminded me of when I taught a 10-year old boy maths privately. To do sums such as 76- 39 in his head, he took 4 big steps to represent 40, counting out 66, 56, 46, 36 as he went, turned round and did a little step to make it 39 and not 40, so the answer was 37. His granny, they were all Sri Lankan and she couldn’t speak any English, so didn’t know what was going on, heard all this thumping and reported me to the father.

  2. crazykites Says:

    Hehe! Sounds like fun maths!

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