Been and Gone

So my mum came and went within a few days.  It was like a dream to have her here and I wish she’d stayed a bit longer.  I’m looking forward to seeing both the parents at Christmas.  I’m lucky I get on with both my parents.  I was spoilt with old presents (aka things I already had but hadn’t seen for so long that I’d forgotten I had) and a few new ones as well, including funky socks, a giant dice to use in work, some cool pyjamas and a few foody bits such as mint sauce and cranberry sauce, Cadburies chocolate and the long awaited Tetley’s teabags.

We pretty much walked around all of Cadiz and discovered there is enough to see on foot without needing to take a train to other places.  Her fresh eyes allowed me to appreciate the things I’d got used to and taken for granted.

The Friday saw her off home (just in the nick of time, but that’s another story) and saw me dressed as a witch for the A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH Halloween Party. That is the first time I have dressed up for a long time, and the same costume will be worn for all future engagements until the dress falls apart.

On Sunday Mr A and I made a roast dinner English-style which was thoroughly enjoyed.  There will be many more!




One Response to “Been and Gone”

  1. Carole Says:

    It was lovely to spend a few days with you and there will be more! Glad you enjoyed doing your roast.xx

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