Trying Hard.

Is this a recipe for disaster?

I’ve seen one group of people succeed in life.   These people were never the most popular at school, nor indeed, the most naturally clever.  They were the sloggers, the ones who did their homework religiously, the ones who spent a fair chunk of time in the evening reading the set texts for university, the ones who got their essays handed in early, the ones who memorised their vocabulary.

I was not in this group, let it be said.  I was very last-minute in my efforts.  Sometimes this approach was fine.  Other times, not so.  When I did attempt to try hard and do my work in time, I was often not satisfied with the mark.  I don’t know why, but it was like when I was just myself and let things be handed in as they were, I did better.

Fastforward to now.  The “teacher” (I hate it when they call me “teacher”!  It makes me feel like a fraud.) tries hard.  I mean really tries.   To the extent that I can’t think about much else.  (See two posts below.)  And my energy levels are constantly low, no matter how much I sleep.  People who “think” too much, like thos with depression and OCD describe fatigue as one of their symptoms, even if, thoughout their daily life, they are sedentary.  I’d say thinking too much costs me my pizazz and EFL “mojo”.

I do try so hard.  I challenge myself in classes and experiment with different types of activity all the time.  I feel that my enjoyment is not always their and I rarely obtain the results I hope for during planning.

Is this a case of trying too hard?  Therefore, were to we strike the balance between “hard enough to be one of the successful ones” and “too hard that you end up killing yourself”?



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