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I’d like to take a minute to credit someone who had a fabulous idea on Dragon’s Den (the Internet version) over a year ago when I was doing my CELTA course.  The idea was a software programme for language learners to use in class.  The idea was called the Language Garden.  The programme helps learners to construct sentences in various different ways using a “Language Plant”.

This idea obviously made a big impression on me, as I remember emailing everybody on my CELTA mailing list with the link to this Den presentation.

Fast forward a year and I find a commentator called “languagegarden” on another blog I read.  Surely it couldn’t be the same person?  Well, yes, it was.  Of course, I had to post a comment on languagegarden, AKA David Warr’s blog.

The blog is very informative and reflective, with food for thought and links to other useful TEFL blogs.  Some of the posts are an inspirational account of his own journey.

The fact that he has given me advice on this blog is one example of how teachers from different places are supporting each other using media such as Twitter and blogs.  Whereas I have been a blogger for around five years in various guises, teachers interacting with each other in this way seems to be a relatively new trend.



2 Responses to “New Blogger”

  1. David Warr Says:

    You are most generous with your comments, Kirsten! Thank you. I’m new to blogging, but I really like this community aspect you talk about too, learning lots and meeting new people. A nice combination, don’t you think!

  2. David Warr Says:

    By the way, is your new picture at the top of this blog yours? I ask because I know you say you like painting.

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