Random Thoughts with No Connection

  • The sea has displayed an unusual green hue for the past two days.  The Atlantic is always a deep blue when the sun shines, but when the waves thrash in the wind and rain as we’ve been experiencing of late, the silt is stirred up from the sea bed leaving a horizon not dissimilar from that of a British coastline.  And I rejoice in the rain, with the green sea and the grey skies.  I’m the only one in Cadiz enjoying the damp air and the clouds up above.
  • I hope that if I get mysteriously ill, that Dr House will treat me, as the man is a genius.
  • The best things about Spain include House in Spanish, four episodes back to back on Tuesday nights and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on Thursdays which can be watched with it’s original, colourful soundtrack.  I’m not saying I approve of his language, but how on earth are the Spanish supposed to translate the F word?  Other things include Cola Cao, the sea and my balcony.
  • I got my class to write down some funny things about themselves.  I joined in, since there were only four of us.  I wrote that I once set my hair on fire in church.

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts with No Connection”

  1. David Warr Says:


  2. Listen and observe « language garden Says:

    […] It’s true. The landscape has been transformed in one almighty puff, and now the naked branches stand silhouetted against the red horizon, just like the one painted by our friendly scouser Kirsten in Kite Flying. […]

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