Not a New Idea, I’m Sure!

Words, words, words… I have my problems expanding my vocabularic(!) horizons, too.  And it seems I’m not alone.

One idea, that didn’t work for me, but will, and has I’m sure, worked before.

Get a song with poetic lyrics.  Show the students.

They either listen to the song and pick out beautiful words or you show them the lyrics and ask them to find words they like.

Or, cut out the words and play the song and they pick the words as they hear them.  (This part of the idea was from my CELTA course. Can’t take credit for that!)

They can write a line or a small poem with these words, they can “purchase” the words by other “word” currency (ie another poetic word) or they can draw a composition of their favourite few words (an idea from a trainee art teacher…does she know she inspired me with that task?  Somehow I don’t think our teachers realise how they can and do inspire.  Incidentally, this teacher didn’t complete her placement, and I hope this was the best decision for her. It’s a shame, however, that she left without knowing that I went on to complete this part of my art GCSE after she left In fact, it was the only part I enjoyed of the whole thing, hence my grade D, which I like.  It gives me an edge!  Anyway…).

These are not in anyway new ideas, but presenting things, nonetheless, is no bad thing.

The best songs for this are, of course, anything written by Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds.  Might I recommend Perfect and Pure and….well, see for yourself.

And for a idea on poetry in class, try Ceri. For some great words on poetry, delivered by the teacher and writer who guided me through my A-level in English lit, try Angela Topping’s blog.  Her verses could certainly be used in an EFL classroom.  Poems and songs are for everyone: more accessible than reading books if your level is not very high and an easy way to acquaint yourself with new words.


2 Responses to “Not a New Idea, I’m Sure!”

  1. Pablo Says:

    Hi Kirsten!

    I think songs and videos (as “The office” last wednesday) are a great way to improve not only vocabulary but also the “listening”.

    Go on!

    PS: I prefer “Lucky you” by the Lightning Seeds.

  2. crazykites Says:

    Hi Pablo! How are you? How did you find me here? Yes the Office was primarily for an introduction to our “Office” theme in the text book but it also provided great listening material. The Lightning Seeds are the best for good vocabulary… lucky you, let me see…I’m trying to build a wall around your heart then break it through to you….you make it happen…everything’s blue now oh lucky you….yeah some good material there, too!

    We’ll have another song on Monday, then! 😉

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