The second time I write this, as WordPress didn’t save it automactically like it usually does. 😦

On the topic of vocabulary-building, poems and songs, here is what is on my list to purchase for material in the classroom:

Poetry in an EFL classroom.  Is there a place?  I think so.  Is it elitist?  Id don’t even know why anybody would think that it was.  Poems are an accessible way to meet new words in new contexts.   Should there be a linguistic point to using a particular poem?  There can be, but isn’t the beauty of discovering new language enough of a point in itslef?  Do we have to grammatise the activities in the poetry lesson?  Implicity, there will be some clarification of grammar, but again, surely just reading a poem in English is enough of an objective to justify the lesson.

I know that Angela Topping, one of my favourite teachers from school, is passionate about introducing poetry to young people and writes poems that are written with young people in mind.  As an experienced teacher, she knows how to reach young people through language and creative writing.  This is why I am buying her latest book of poems.  They are on sale at Amazon at a reduced price here (on Amazon…link to be added but doesn’t seem to be letting me add it right now.).  You can also check out her blog: angelatopping.wordpress.com.



2 Responses to “Poems”

  1. David Warr Says:

    Poems are great, and as you say, they cover everything. I hope you have a lot of fun doing them.

  2. angelatopping Says:

    I am currently writing a teacher pack to be given free to schools who have my book. It will be emailed out to them on request.

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