I’ve had to teach quite a few comparisons of late.  So, how to pull this out of the book?

1.  I asked them to line up from tall to short, dark hair to blonde hair, oldest to youngest etc.  Then I asked them questions.  They understood the idea of more something than something else and understood the questions perfectly.  They were able to respond appropriately, although they were unable to produce the comparative forms themselves.

2.  I made some colourful cards with an adjective, -er, and than written on them.  I gave them out to the students.  Then I wrote incomplete sentences on the board like “Day is…….night.”  The student with light, -er, and than would have to come up to the board and put the three cards in the correct order.  Sometimes, there would be more than one option available.

3.  After the clarification and practice exercises, we played things like Human Guess Who and describe a member of the class using only comparisons.  In one lesson, I gave them a raisin and a piece of chocolate each and asked them to give their opinions.

4.  Describing “as…as” and “not as…as” (I told them that not as big as = smaller than.  That seemed to help a couple of the students.) involved me asking them to write a comparative description of who they are without saying their name.  We put the slips of paper in the hat and mixed them up, took one each and guessed who the paper was describing.

5.  One accidental success was the drawing dictation at the end of one class.  I asked them to draw the picture I described with comparisons, such as “There is a girl with blonde hair.  She has a house, but the house is not as big as the girl.  The girl has a dog.  The dog is fatter than the house etc.  This game caused hysterics.  They took turns to dictate a part of the drawing composition.


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