Phrasal Verbs

Following on from the last post with regard to the noughts and crosses game, an idea from a gentleman giving a talk at a Cambidge ESOL conference mentioned that phrasal verbs can be practised using a dice.

1. make

2.  do

3.  give

4.  get

5.  go

6.  catch

1.  up

2.  on

3.  off

4.  in

5.  out

6.  Away

The students roll the dice twice and try to make a phrasal verb.  I say you can also get two bags, make cards with these words on, put them in the bags and get the teams to pick a card from each.  This requires more preparation, but also varies it a bit so you can repeat the activity a few more times and keep it fresh.

I’ve taken to playing noughts and crosses each time they correctly match two words and provide a logical sentence.


2 Responses to “Phrasal Verbs”

  1. Teresa Bestwick Says:

    Oooh, I like the idea of keeping them in bags – as you say, it adds more variety 🙂

  2. crazykites Says:

    I did that before I did the dice thing. Even better if you have two hats like I have!

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