Prepositions with time and place can be introduced by asking the class to write a party invitation.  They must include the time, the date, the day and the place.  They can also include other details such as what to wear, what to bring, what the theme of the party is, etc.

From this, you can clarify the time/place prepositions.  After the practice exercises, I used my dice to consolidate the time/ place phrases.  I wrote one to six twice.  With the first one to six column, I wrote a preposition next to the number.  In the second, I wrote an incomplete phrase such as “morning”. In two teams, the students rolled the dice twice in order to try to match a preposition and the other word.  Upon correctly matching the two items, they gave me a sentence (with a little help from me) and then got to select a square in a noughts and crosses grid.


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