Santa’s Little Helper: A Liverpudlian’s Account of Last-minute Present Buying

Having been more than unimpressed with the fare provided by the shops in Cadiz, I arrived on 23rd December in the afternoon, with the night sky armed with a small suitcase containing no Christmas presents whatsoever.  This only meant one thing: a last-minute run-around on Christmas Eve morning.  Having said that, I don’t think I did a bad job on the present front.  I thought I’d share my new-found consumer expertise with you all, so that if you find yourselves in Liverpool needing to buy a gift for a friend as mad as my family, you may have some guidance.


Utility is a Liverpool-based company with an outlet in Liverpool One and in Bold Street.  I see this shop as a surrealist dream store in the softest of senses.  All the peculiar (and not too Freudian) ideas that your subconscious may have clocked up together with a few bizarre Dragons’ Den entries are to be found here.  How many of you have thought about a head-phone tidy?  Or a remote control container?  These are to be found in Utility as well as other delights.

The Spork.

My sister has some crazy ideas, and of these ideas, I found a post-it note in the kitchen with a drawing of her imagined Spoon/fork combo: namely, the spork.  Well what did I find while lining myself at the check out?  A SPORK!  This one is a bit different, as it comprises a fork, spoon and knife.  It’s called a spork, but my sister has renamed it a spnork.

Other unusual present ideas included the handy bookmarks, the very Liverpudlian Lambanana fridge magnet and some wacky “Get the Hint” fridge magnets.










On Lord Street, this shop is a gem for lovers of costume jewellery.  With it’s wild perspex colours, this range will brighten any wardrobe and start a conversation.  I got some hair bands for my little sis and a brooch for my auntie that is not shown here.


And my absolute favourite purchases where for my mum from Ollie & Nicks in Liverpool One.



Of course, not all gift ideas were fresh.  One success from last year was the Body Shop lip butter, so I got one for each of the ladies to supplement their other gifts.

You can never have too many lip balms in your handbag!

Sorry for the very girly post, but I was very pleased to have found all this in one shopping trip on the busiest day of the shopping year.

Hope you enjoyed giving your gifts as I did mine!


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