Bye bye 2010

And so it is tradition that I should reflect on my year.  I’m not one to break with tradition but in-depth reflections must be post-poned for future nothing days in 2011.  I will leave a quick post, however.

Good things about this year…

1.  Getting my job teaching in Liverpool.

2. Having a hard time settling into above job.  Yes, truly, this is a great thing.  I learned so much and am still learning as a result of this experience.  I’ve toughened up a hell of a lot and have learned so much about my personality and what can go wrong when I say everything I think without truly thinking through how it comes across.

3.  Getting job in Spain and meeting really nice, generous, happy colleagues.

4.  Moving in with Mr A.

Bad things about 2010.

1.  Losing my uncle John

2.  Feeling down.  Enough said on that subject as I don’t particularly like to dwell on my negative moods when I’m happy.

3.  Having to put up with negative feedback.  As much as I said this was a good thing, this was also a very hurtful experience for me.  I’m only human and I hate being criticised.  Sadly this is a necessary evil sometimes, though not nearly as often as bosses would have you think.  People should be more vocal with their satisfaction and less vocal with their dissatisfaction.  This would restore some balance to the world.  The obvious exception to this is when we are talking about the CONDEM government.  They should take a long, hard look in a very big mirror (big enough to fit their egos’ reflection).

4.  The CONDEM government.

5.  All natural disasters and death.


Any resolutions?

1.  To work hard and play even harder.

2.  To not let work spill into ME-time (by me-time I should clarify and say us time, as I am half of a couple)

3.  To be selfish with my hobbies and become consumed by my passions that aren’t work-centred.  This would make Mr A happy as I would be happy and therefore he’d have a nice, happy crazy cow.

4.  To be extra loving to Mr A and to cook really nice meals for him and not ignore him because I’m planning lessons.

5.  To try to finish a book (in 2010 I have managed to read three whole books and to start lots).

6.  To learn Arabic (useful Arabic.  I’m sick of being able to say the wardrobe is next to the bed.  I’m not a Moroccan estate agent).

Yeah, that’s enough.  I’ve a keep to the one about not getting so tied up with work, I’ll have a nice 2011.  Of course I don’t have any high hopes for an extraordinary year.  There will be some good and some bad in 2011, same as any other year.


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