First Week Back and Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I’m sure it comes as not surprise to my readers when I say that, Cadiz, although a sweet, tranquil city in the south of Spain, is not exactly my home from home.  I imagined that living abroad would be about sipping coffee in a Parisienne sort of place, though not Paris, writing and drawing and learning about the philosophers.  To most people, it’s about sunning themselves on a beach.  So, it is with some sad feelings that I found myself returning to Cadiz to resume the school year.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful man who puts up with my downward spiral and makes sure I have all the little pleasures in life that help me feel at home in a strange city.

This week at work has been hard professionally as well as emotionally.  I left before Christmas on a slight high as my boss had giving me some encouraging feedback at the end of my first term teaching full-time.  This week, I came back thinking “What the hell am I going to do with the students for an hour and a half?”  I hadn’t had any illuminating ideas over Christmas as I was just glad of the rest.  This week has been very much about getting through alive.  So I was cursing Christmas for ever having taken me away from an even keel and throwing my onto an emotional roller coaster of happiness quickly followed by anti-climax followed by realising I had forgotten how to teach.  Then, yesterday it was my birthday.  I felt disappointed to be away from my family.  This homesickness after Christmas isn’t just me, by the way.  I’ve spoken to a couple of people who can relate to this come down.  So, last Friday night, I crammed in three beautifully wrapped blue parcels and a couple of cards into my suitcase which were to be opened yesterday.  I wasn’t going to open them.  I was going to wait until today so I could have a day off birthday instead of a work day birthday.  At work, I provided a selection of cakes to be shared by my colleagues at the weekly staff meeting.  The boss hadn’t remembered it was my birthday even though I had mentioned it earlier, so I had to explain why I had brought them in.  Then we got through the working shift with the usual highs and lows until eight thirty when I was struck by a headachey, shoulder/arm stiffness kind of feeling.  We went across to the cafe bar opposite my place of work and had a drink and polished off some more cakes before everyone went their separate ways.

We got home in time for Skype to speak to my lovely parents.  We decided that this was a perfect opportunity to open my presents.  And lovely presents they were.  I got some funny presents of my man including a cow cuddly toy who says “moooo” when you press her belly.  My parents got my a key ring (for when I eventually get my new set of keys!) and a Radley handbag to go with my Radley purse.  My sister got my a very pretty bangle and my grandparents gave me £20 (which I obviously can’t spend until I get home).

It was after that I realised that Mr A was a little gem.  He made my birthday special by coming to get me after work, making sure my friends came over to the pub, hiding my family presents (not so discreetly in a drawer!), singing my happy birthday lots and generally making me feel like a princess all day long.  Today we are going to do the more fun birthday treats like go out and make a cake, but considering yesterday was a work day, he made sure I felt special.

So, today I feel a bit better about the whole being in Cadiz thing.  I will just make the most of it and enjoy the sun, the beaches, try surfing etc.  It’s all a question of getting back into my stride again.  I’ve decided it’s best if I don’t go home for Easter, and just go elsewhere in Spain instead.  I decided this because I don’t want to be homesick again.  I want to get used to it and enjoy the next two terms because, knowing me, I’ll only look back and regret feeling sorry for myself.  Besides, I should be getting a couple of visits this summer.  And, dear readers, where shall I visit in Spain over these few months?


4 Responses to “First Week Back and Happy Birthday to ME!!!”

  1. David Warr Says:

    Happy Birthday Kirsten!

  2. Guido Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kirsten
    and big slap on the back for you

    Cádiz isn´t all bad, after all 🙂

  3. johnnytownmouse Says:

    Happy birthday! I can totally identify – I felt so flat driving back out to prairie-town this week. Rather than being excited for being back in the pikey house I was depressed at the thought of being back here so so so far from my family. But I’m feeling better now after having been back a day – glad to hear you’re feeling better too!

  4. crazykites Says:

    Thank you so much!

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