Time for Something Positive

On Saturday I attended a workshop organised by TEFL del Sur.  Rather than inviting speakers to give a talk, the participants led an activity or several each to demonstrate something they use in class.  I didn’t get a chance to (my fault for not getting in there, but if anyone wants to know what I was planning, it was my folded paper game  I blogged about before Christmas.  I’ve since used a few ideas, particularly warmers and tried to deviate.  I’ve definitely noticed a better atmosphere in class if I use a simple warmer as suggested by TEFLDUST.  Somehow, it does what it says on the tin and warms the students up so they are more engaged in the trickier work to follow.

I’ve also realised that pair checks and pair work are enormously helpful to a tired teacher.  It basically means that students iron out lots of little problems amongst themselves, then I can help them with the unresolved issues.  This makes the class more engaging for the students and less teacher-centred.  I know that pair work should not be a new concept to me, and it isn’t, but I’ve rediscovered why it works.  I basically was the centre of my class as my students relied on me to answer everything and it was easier to take control.  However, I’ve taken a leap of faith and the students seem so much more engaged for it and I feel less over-worked.

One senior teacher in my old job advised me to leave the classroom for a few minutes when having given a group task.  I’ve tried this a couple of times with one group and it does seem to give them the space to organise their task.  Of course it doesn’t help to decrease the L1 in the classroom, but that’s a different issue.


2 Responses to “Time for Something Positive”

  1. T Bestwick Says:

    Glad to hear you picked up some good ideas on Saturday…I’m already planning how I can use your idea with my younger learners!

  2. crazykites Says:

    Thanks T, I’m going to use ur idea today! HAve revision classes so urs will be perfect for going over things we’ve been studying this month.

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