Weekend II

The Weekend so far:

Slept in yesterday.

Read blog posts (really need to curb that!)

Went out for walk.

Had tapas.  Boy watched match.  I studied my beginner’s Arabic grammar book.

Had a nice piece of cake.

Watched old Simpsons episodes on DVD.

Woke up today.  Felt unwell.

My stomach has confirmed to me that the tapas were below par.  I am not complaining.  I didn’t like the look of that meat.  Still, it wasn’t exactly Michelin star cuisine.  I’d still go back, but not eat it if it looks/smells slightly strange.

Today, whilst nursing my digestive system, I’ve studied some more Arabic and finally moved on to verbs (there’s a whole load of random grammatical rules to expose yourself to regarding plurals, dual plurals, possessives, when to use “al” (for “the”) etc.  These things are very complicated.  I still don’t know them 100%.  Then, there’s that lovely minor issue that I’ve never had to deal with in French, Spanish and Portuguese before (a little bit with Romanian, but I’ve long forgotten the few chapters I studied of that.) of cases.  Hurrah!

So, having crucified my brain, I’m now learning how to say sentence WITH A VERB!  Very exciting.

I also managed to read a bit of Adrian Mole to keep part of me back in Britain.

So it’s been an okay and enjoyable, if not very exciting, weekend.


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