Forget doctors, bakers and teachers

I’m a teacher.  Not a “real” one.  What time is it?  25 past birth.   How much time have we reasonably got?  Who knows.  so, let’s plan.  I could just be a teacher.  Easy.  That fits.  I’m already doing it.  I’ll get better at it.  I’ll become a teacher trainer, a director of studies.  Start my own academy somewhere.   But wait, no.  I can do other things.  Teach in a school!  Yes.  It’s similar, but different.  More money.  More pressure.  No, let’s forget teaching.  I was always okay at writing.  I;ll be a journalist, but that’s a high ladder to climb, and who knows what sort of writing I’ll have to do.  What’s this on the telly?  A documentary about bears, beavers, whales.  A biologist.  No, that’s too scientific for me.  How about…a nature film-maker?  That could work.  No-one at school told me I could be that.  So, I’ll go…where will I go?  I’ll put that to one side and come back to it.  How about being an an artist?   Make things that people want to put in their house and wear….

Then…what about a graphic designer?  Open a restaurant?  Interior designer? And if that fails, well, I’ll jsut have a go at The Apprentice.


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