What I’m Reading

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while but don’t seem to have the energy to type.

I have just received a couple of books I ordered through my work place.  I wanted to include a picture, but couldn’t.  One is called Being Creative by Chaz Pugliese.  I look forward to starting that one, but have a tonne of other things to read in the mean time, including Teaching Unplugged by Scott Thornbury.  These are only small books, but reading, for me, is often a chore.  I am a slow reader, I don’t take it in the first time, I get distracted, have to start the paragraph again.  So it may be a while before I can post my reflections on here.  For fun, I’m reading Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years, although it has had me close to tears at times.


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