Being Kind

So, I’ve been very negative about Spain.  We’ll cut to the chase: I don’t LOVE it.  It’s okay.  But I’m not going to stay here forever.

The parents have told me to try to be more postive, so here it is.  Something positive.

1.  You can say “hola” here.  To total strangers.  That might not seem like a lot, but it’s really nice to be a small part of their story.  When you’re people-watching, you have a small extras role in the action.  With a line, which is nice.

2.  I thought how nice it must be for those who work and live on the same road as their kids school.  Imagine how I would have loved that when I was a clingy six-year old with a phobia of being sick: being on the same road as mummy and daddy.  Lucky Cadiz children.

3.  There is a stationery shop over the road from me.  Bad for the wallet.  Good for my seretonin levels.  The boy says I’m always happy when I’ve bought something or had a meal out.


That’s your lot for today.  I’m all out of niceness.




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