Saturday 26th February

Yesterday I practised some DELE exam questions.  It’s very hard.  Now I can fully relate to my students.  The dictionary was used excessively and notes were dutifully scrawled so that I remember for next time.  The boy helped me a lot, reminding me of the beauty of “pair work” and “scaffolding” with me being the weaker student being “scaffolded”.

Here are my top Spanish word for today.

1. de galimatias (with an accent on the last “i”) = gibberish/nonsense.

2. esta que trina (with accent on “a” of “esta”) = is hopping mad

3.  con ahinco (with accent on “i”) = with eagerness/eagerly

4.  hacer alarde de = to boast

5.  sin ton ni son = without rhyme or reason

Enjoy those pearls of knowledge.  I bet you were lost without them.


I also saw on the television how they make hair extensions with real human hair.  People in a part of India donate their hair.  There was a little girl who donated her hair and she was left bald!  It was a clean number one!  Why is it necessary to give a little girl a number one?  Why not just a crop?  Then the hair gets transported in a big box to a place where women sort it out into different colours and wash and disinfect in and brush it in to really nice bunches where it looks even nicer than hair on someone’s head.  I want them to make my hair like that!  Must I shave my hair off and buy it back as hair extensions?

Talking of human products, the Guardian reported that an ice cream parlour in Covent Garden (incidentally my favourite part of London;  it’s like a more upmarket Liverpool City Centre, though obviously not as amazing as Liverpool.  Nothing ever will be!) named Baby Gaga is selling icecream made from human milk.  Check the date, is it near 1st April?  Nope.  This is true.  Not sure it’d be my cup of tea, but then what’s the difference between human milk and cow milk which is a daily staple in my life, expecially in my cup of tea.  I just don’t like the idea of drinking milk from some strange woman.  Obviously, she’s not some 50-cigs-a-day, boozing alcoholic.  They test the donors’ blood and it all passes Food Standards regulations.  It’s just not something I’m ready to try.  I’ll stick with traditional ice cream, preferably Cornish, though really I’m not that fussy.

The programme where I learnt about hair extensions is called Galileo.  It had the air of being a German programme.  It reminded me of Bang Goes the Theory on BBC1, but about more every day things like Lego.  They took us on an adventure of Lego and how it is made.  Then they showed some fantastic Lego models of elephants and lions and one amazing giant spider.  I wish I’d stuck with Lego now, but the truth is, my enduring memory of Lego is that the sharp corners really hurt me and breaking the peices up was hard work for my little hands. The best use I could find for Lego was sellotaping peices of it to my school shoes to make high heels.  At the age of five, it was my dream to own a pair of high heel and have my ears pierced.  I thought this would all change my life, but it didn’t.  I got my ears pierced a second time, but that didn’t change my life either.  I can say that the nose piercing was a great acquisition and has made my life better.  It makes me seem slightly more edgy but in a pretty way.  No ugly hoops for my nose, just a small, inoffensive diamante stud.

That’s enough of general news, now for sports news.  Here are a list of Mourinho’s post match excuses/critiques/remarks.

1.  The ref is stupid.

2.  Barcelona* are in cahoots with the Spanish football association to ruin Real Madrid*’s performance.

3.  People are not violent enough to “other players”.

*If Mourinho changes teams, just replace football team names with more relevant ones.  The excuse will most likely remain the same.

Mourinho is our chief form of post-match entertainment here in Spain.

So that’s all, folks.  This post has been very random.  Welcome to my world!



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