Am I Being Paranoid?

Or do other people say hi to people on chat and get ignored?  Is it just something that if people just don’t feel like talking, they’ll politely ignore your greeting where they would be lovely and fine in real life?

I know some people simply have problems with Facebook chat and others simply respond to the calls of real life forgetting that they haven’t said goodbye. This seems to be an unwritten custom that if you have something to do, you’ll log off without rounding off those little chats.  That’s okay.  I won’t take it personally.  I’ve had a life of taking things personally and, quite frankly, it’s fruitless and a waste of energy to feel hurt over nothing.



3 Responses to “Am I Being Paranoid?”

  1. Willy C Cardoso Says:

    That is very interesting!
    I used to think it is weird to say hi and not bye and be left in a vacuum. Now I don’t anymore when online. You know why? Online communication is not real life face-to-face communication, if it were, it would not probably be so successful.
    Also, interesting that you say ‘I won’t take it personally’. Can you take anything in life other than personally? I can’t, unless I leave my body and mind and become an anti-matter. For me, all is taken personally, I can let myself be offended or upset, or I can not give a damn. I often choose the latter.

    Nice blog, btw. I have to remind myself to come here more often.
    btw, what is your name?

  2. Willy C Cardoso Says:

    oh yeah, sorry, it’s Kirsten Hawkings. it’s just that it’s not so evident in your online activity, so I often forget , sorry, don’t take it personally. 🙂
    why isn’t your name stamped on the blog?

  3. crazykites Says:

    I like to be unknown on my blog. I choose it to be so. I started blogging five years ago when no-one used their name and it was really personal. I don’t even share this blog with my friends, only my mum because, being away from home, it’s nice for her to see how I’m thinking/feeling/what I’m doing.

    No, I suppose I can’t take it any other way, but like you say, I’ve decided not to give a damn.

    Thanks for the nice compliments!

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