New Directions

I’m going to start a couple of new blogs for different reasons.  This blog is like my on-line journal/journey, with my inner thoughts, feelings and photos of my life.

I will start one relating specifically to teaching for my advanced students with topics, tips, activities etc.

My other one is going to be a rather more indulgent scrapbook through which I will channel my other creative energies that have been rather more neglected since the advent of my teaching career.  This blog will serve as an on-line inspiration folder.  It’s audience is intended to be those Ordinary Hepburns I described in an earlier post, girls like me who love pretty things, though seldom get the time to be a true fashionista (let’s face it, who’s got the time?).  This blog will acknowledge the private fantasy world from our childhood that we still regress to from time to time.  I will post photos of my own creations and hopefully discover new directions for my jewellery and paintings as we go.  I’ll try to review things I like and make some good comments on things I see and like.   I know it seems it a bit muddled at the moment, but it’s essentially following in the direction of certain blogs I already read and admire.  It will evolve as time goes by as is to be expected.  Through this, I am getting in touch my artistic side.  I’m not the only TEFL blogger to start up somewhere new.  I know one other TEFL blogger who has started a lovely blog about being a dad.  Another of my favourite bloggers advised me that it is indeed through immersing ourselves in “other things” that we get to be better at our profession.  So it is important to make time fo our personal hobbies and interests.

I look forward to launching these blogs and I hope some of you may read them too (even the men!  I’m not excluding men by writing for Ordinary Hepburns).


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