Belated Birthday – 14.01.2011

I never did show off my birthday presents.  I think at the time, I had no batteries for my camera.  As well as showing off my gifts, this post serves as an aide-memoire, just like the Christmas post, because every Christmas and birthday has a nasty habit of morphing into one in my memory, and I really want to preserve the memories on this blog.  Above, you see my new Radley bag.  Those among you who are more observant than me will remember that I got a Radley purse for Christmas (pictured below), so from time to time, I leave the house feeling like a lady (though not the Emily Howard sort!) with a proper leather bag and purse.

The pink background on these pictures is the little fabric bag that the Radley handbag came in.  Thank you, Mum and Dad, for these wonderful things!  One day, I’ll be able to afford nice things myself, but until then, presents of this sort are welcome!  🙂

And to complete the leather purse and bag set, I naturally need something leather for my keys, with an apt reminder of where I should lose my keys (ie not down a lift shaft!).

A lovely, sparkly bangle from my sister.

My new best friend, Milky the Cow.  If you squeeze her tum, she moos.  From Mr Flykites.

From the man who stole my heart, he gave it back to me with a lady bird!

And he gave me a witch.  Perhaps he could see the ressemblance!


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