More Embarrassing Moments – (Do not read if squeamish)

I’d better immortalise them in case they ever make good stories.

Yesterday, I swallowed a fish bone.  A big, uncomfortable, sharp one.  I spent the next hour drinking water, swallowing bread and poking the back of my throat with my finger until it proceeded to dislodge itself.  It stuck and drew a bit of blood.  Lovely.  Embarrassing since at 25, I should be able to chew my food by now. It was rather painful and nearly had me crying.

Today, I was walking along the street and a fly flew in my eye and really stung.  Not so embarrassing as “Why do these things keep happening to me?”  I think its corpse has just come out my eye, in the form of a black ball.


2 Responses to “More Embarrassing Moments – (Do not read if squeamish)”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    Didnt your mother ever tell you. Bread.. eat bread to get rid of fishbones. x

  2. crazykites Says:

    I tried eating bread for an hour. It didn’t work as the bone was sticking into my throat and wouldn’t budge.

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