Normal Service Resumed

There have been several reasons for this most recent blogging hiatus. Mostly, I have been busy with real life.

I’ve been delighted and annoyed in equal portions in recent weeks. My father came to visit in the first weekend of May, which made me very pleased, but also rather sunburnt with fat feet. No I didn’t put cream on my legs. I know, what was I thinking? Yes, I’ve been putting it on ever since.

That visit was promptly followed by a nasty cold, and then I had a peculiar week of experiencing many strange symptoms that forced me to go and pay a visit to my Spanish “head doctor”, which is more like a general practitioner than a psychiatrist. Strange expression, “head doctor”. Head of what? Head of the board of doctors? Head of me? Anyway… and what’s the Spanish? Medico de cabeza? Who knows.

Anyway, long story short, I’m getting a blood test tomorrow, but it looks like it might be anxiety.

In a bid to be selfish, I’ve taken a vow to do more “me” things and less “teaching” things. This has resulted in a few trips to the beach (no mean feat, that, getting off that sofa to walk the few yards to the beach.), spending less time planning, not planning at all after I come home from work, and reading a few more pages of that Spanish novel I got in January.

So there we are, an explanation.


4 Responses to “Normal Service Resumed”

  1. Michelle Worgan Says:

    Hi Kirsten!
    I was wondering where you had got to! I hope your dad’s visit has helped with your homesickness. And that your doctor’s results turn out alright – I’m sure you just need a bit of rest and relaxation. Not long to go now til the end of term, anyway 🙂
    Take care.

  2. crazykites Says:

    Thanks Michelle! I’m not even worried about the test. It’s just “por si acaso”. I’ve felt a lot better during the last week. Been getting a bit of exercise swimming in the sea, so that might have helped.

  3. David Warr Says:

    If I was your head doctor, I’d tell you to stop planning lessons and spend more time painting at the beach.

  4. crazykites Says:

    Well I’ll pretend you’re my head doctor and take your advice! What do you suggest for a sore throat? I think I must have been shouting at the match on the telly on Saturday night. Good old Barca!

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