Pares e impares

Dunno if I’m even spelling that correctly.  It means evens and odds, or odds and evens.  Literally pairs and unpairs.

I never learned that before coming to Spain.  I’ve learned some equally useful expressions that uni failed to equip me with: me rindo (“I give up”), lo cojo (“I get it”), no me enteré (“What’s the teacher going on about?  I must have been nodding off during that last bit”), tomaaaaaa! (“get in” when you get an answer right, or “take that, you idiot” when you say it accusingly to your classmate for doubting your ability to get an answer right).

Anyway, odds and evens.  Pares e impares.  Just some incidental language for learners and teachers alike.

A quick post since it’s late.

Did you ever remember that weird toy shaped like a ball which you would ask questions to, and it would say yes or no?  Well, the magic dice does it just the same.  Odd numbers mean no, and even numbers mean yes.  The students practise their yes/no questions by asking the dice a question.   Then they throw the dice and find out the answer.  It causes lots of giggles.  I used it with a class practising “will”.

eg Will I be famous?  Will Juan be a football player?  Will Javi take over the world?

Try it.  Trying to manufacture situations to practise questions is difficult, so the sillier the better.


3 Responses to “Pares e impares”

  1. Guido Says:


  2. T Bestwick Says:

    Oooh, I like the idea of the magic dice to practise questions!!!

  3. crazykites Says:

    Funnily enough, you were in my mind when I wrote this post, T! I thought it might be a post that wouldn’t look out of place on your blog 🙂

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