What’s happened to Miss Kites?

Ladies and gentleman,

Some days I fear I may be going mad.  I wanted to cry today at the prospect of another year of feeling the way I have felt this year.  I wanted to cry in front of the Irish man with the academy who wasn’t saying the words I wanted to hear: ” Have a job!  We loved your CV!  You’ll be welcomed here with open arms”.

Asking for work is so humiliating.  It’s opening yourself up to rejection from the outset.  Three academies.  One wasted morning.  A thousand tears that wanted to spill out.  Two sad eyes.

On the bus on the way home recounted my youth to Mr Kites.

“I don’t know what it was like for you, but for me when I was in school, they told us that the world is our oyster and we could do anything.  The disappointment stings.”

The stagnant waters of the world of work provide little evidence of the promises made to us during golder, shinier years.

Mr World, I feel like you gave our generation false hope.  The world is not my oyster.  It’s someone else’s.


5 Responses to “What’s happened to Miss Kites?”

  1. Alan Tait Says:

    No help. I’m afraid. Just sympathy.

  2. Carole Says:

    Chin up, sweetie! I know I should have told you that the world is a heap of poo…fact is, I’ve only recently discovered it myself. But YOU have so much more going for you than I ever had. Times are hard wherever at the moment. You have to draw on all your inner resources of character (and stubbornness!) and really dig in until you get the result you want. Keep at it, even if you feel you have nothing left to give!

  3. crazykites Says:

    Alain de Botton, philosopher and writer, would say that the world being crap is the status quo and that it having been different recently is actually the anomaly.

  4. Mike Harrison Says:

    Spoke about this very thing at the weekend. It’s the build up, isn’t it? The promise of it all being so good, and then suddenly realising that it’s not going to be. That, rather than just the fact that it’s all rubbish, is what gets me. I guess the key to be ok with letting go.

    In sympathy,


  5. crazykites Says:

    Hi Mike, We’re roughly about the same age, aren’t we? So we grew up on the same lessons about doing what you want, world is your oyster etc etc.

    I think we’ve got to keep believing in our own self-worth even when the rest of the world appears not to give a damn.

    Aaah, letting go. I’ve let go of everything little by little. I’ve let go of the GCSEs that no longer matter, now the A-levels, and more recently the CELTA. They only seem to matter as far as getting you to the next stage, and once they do, they cease to be of any more importance.

    It’s like your results have a life-span of about two years, and after, you keep needing to do new things.

    I’ve been trying to get some work for the summer hols with recruitment agencies back home. They ask me if I have admin experience, I reply that yes I do, oh how long ago was it? Recruitment agencies aren’t capable of thinking for longer than six months ago. I have a serious downer on them at the moment. If I get any help from one, I’ll be sure to write a glowing review here.

    So, enjoying your summer off?

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