Melting Away at Work. (Not a metaphor!)

Today was by far the weirdest day.

The air-conditioning wasn’t working today, as there’s been some problem with the electrics in our work.

I was pre-warned and told to wear something cool for work, as it was going to be like a sauna. I decided before work to pick up some plant spray bottles to fill up with water and squirt at my students, and more importantly, myself.

Everyone was too hot to do any work. I was surprised, as I hadn’t realised the impact the air-con had had on my working life up ’til now. I thought isn’t this what it’s like in England all the time? Because in the UK nowhere really has air-con, since we would only require it for a maximun of two weeks during a good summer. So we would make do with electric fans and open windows. Today, however, there were no electric fans nor windows that could be opened. It seems daft that we can’t open the windows, but this must be a safety precaution, since we are on the sixth floor and we have a lot of children who come to the centre. Children are difficult to control at the best of times, so they might fancy climbing out the windows, who knows.

The students were basically resistant to work, even games. The squirty bottles were a good call. For the next class, there was an exam, so I bought a big bottle of water and got some paper cups for the students to use, and let them use the squirty bottle as much as they wanted to.

The last class was adults, who came in and thought “We can’t stay here for an hour and a half,” so we got permission to have the class in the bar across the road.

Well I might not be the best teacher in the world academically speaking, but you can’t say I don’t look after my students.

Tomorrow I have my two most difficult groups. Where I can easily get one group on side with competetive games, preferably with a football element, the second group are that bit older and basically do not engage with anything I prepare. They’ve done their exam now, and only continue to come because their parents make them. I’ve tried everything I can, and they don’t even listen to instructions. They are lovely as individuals on their own, but the group dynamic is challenging. If the air-con isn’t working tomorrow, I really won’t know what to do with them.


2 Responses to “Melting Away at Work. (Not a metaphor!)”

  1. T Bestwick Says:

    Why not make films? I don’t know how many lessons you’ve got left, but you only really need three:
    1. Write the script
    2. Record
    3. Edit and watch

    My PET class made a zombie film…it’s quite fun and they got excited by the thought of it. Different people were involved more at different stages – some didn’t particularly enjoy writing the script, but they had good ideas about positions and effects hilst filming.

    If you don’t have a video recorder, why not try where they can make short animated films?

  2. johnnytownmouse Says:

    Ha, it’s funny I just posted about air con before I read this… The windows probably don’t open for efficiency – if you have a temperature controlled building then the windows don’t open because if someone did open them when the central air con is on, it would just float out the windows and mess up the thermostat’s ability to cool the building. I know because that’s every building here in the US. And I hate it!! I’m all for open windows and fans!

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