Ten Years Ago

Okay, so ten years ago, technically yesterday now, there were the USA bombings including the surreal demolition of the Twin Towers which have marked history as we know it.  I was trying to do an art project for my GCSE, a “las Fallas” representation of Robbie Williams when all that terrible news was broadcast.  The first inklings of any bombings having taken place came to me in the school bus line after a day of classes, prompty shugged off and dismissed as false rumours until switching on the telly.  It took a while to sink in, didn’t it?  I remember feeling disturbed for some days that the thought of people from families like my own should have suffered after starting a seemingly normal day.

I can’t believe that was ten years ago.



One Response to “Ten Years Ago”

  1. Carole Hawkins Says:

    I know – it’s amazing, isn’t it? I was doing my first PGCE – first week. I remember reading about it as I was travelling home on the bus. I couldn’t believe it. It remains in my mind as one of those icons of horror.

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